Capacitive level switch CLS-53N

For limit level sensing of bulk-solid, fragmental and extruded materials

  • Detection of various types bulk-solid materials (pellets, wooden chips, granulates, cereals, sand, etc.) in various metal and plastic hoppers, containers, and silos
  • Simple sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen
  • Two or three-wire connections directly to the relay circuit or PLC logic unit
  • Wide range of supply voltage from 20 V up to 230 V AC/DC (CLS-53N-SAC)
Capacitive level switch CLS-53N.jpg
Product variants

Product variants

  Language Filename File type
datalist CZ Datasheet pdf
datalist EN Datasheet pdf
navod CZ Operating instruction pdf
navod EN Operating instruction pdf
navod RU Operating instruction pdf
ce CZ Declaration of conformity pdf
ce EN Declaration of conformity pdf