Innovated GRLM-70, now also in stainless steel performance

A solid part of our product range is the GRLM-70 series of Radar level meter with guided wave . These are very universal process instruments for measuring liquid and bulk substances up to a depth of 40 m.

This year they have seen several changes including an upgrade to their firmware. A certain difficulty in the application of level meter with wave reflection based is that they are set to a given set of conditions when being commissioned, but these change gradually over time, usually for the worse. In the case of bulk solids, a dust aggregate is deposited on the guide rods or ropes, which significantly reduces the throughput of the electromagnetic wave. A new adaptive teaching program is an important aid to prevent this effect, as it maintains the quality of the reflected signals at a prescribed level even in progressively deteriorating conditions. It is also now possible to do the first setting even in non-empty tanks, as long as the level condition is approximately known. 

The system head has also been redesigned. It is now also available in all stainless steel and can be used in the food or pharmaceutical industry. 

The new design of the head, connectors and glands can be found in the new GRLM-70 manual here

More information about the level meter can be found here.

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