New level sensor RFLS-28 for vertical mounting

Another novelty this year, which you will also find in our new product catalogue, is the high-frequency limit level sensor for vertical mounting RFLS-28, in two versions - with and without a protective crown. This is advantageous in cases where there is a risk of mechanical damage to the sensing electrode (during transport to the site, installation). It can also help shield and protect the sensing electrode from moving objects inside the tank. However, the design with a crown is only suitable for liquids (not for conductive slurries).

The biggest advantage of this sensor and also the reason why we have developed it is the unambiguity of its switching point, comparable to vibration sensors. The switching point is determined by the position of the small sensing electrode, the influence of the medium properties is negligible. A great advantage over a standard capacitive sensor is the robustness of the tubular extension compared with the rod electrode. The operation of the sensor is not then affected by neither strong turbulence of the level nor the proximity of the stirrers.

Basic features:

  • High frequency limit level sensors with the elimination of deposits and foam on the electrode, for vertical mounting  
  • For reliable limit sensing of the level of various liquids, slurries and pastes as well as adhering  
  • Unique material type resolution function "Medium window" (the sensor is sensitive only to the set medium and does not react to substances with lower and higher permittivity)  
  • Can replace vibration level sensors  Universal design for all types of liquids (electrically conductive or non-conductive)  
  • High stability at high sensitivity (can be used for substances with εr ≥ 1.5)  
  • Installation using tubular extensions  
  • Adjustment with a magnetic pen before installation  

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More information about the product you can find here.

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