PCU-100 easy way to the HART

Do you need to communicate with a process sensor equipped with HART communication? The new version of the PCU-100 will make it possible and more. It also offers power supply from its own source, display, real-time clock, recording of measured values, relay output and connection to a computer via USB. All this in an installation box with IP 65 protection.

The PCU-100 programmable unit is used for measuring, displaying and archiving of physical values (level, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). It is a universal industrial data logger, optionally with a six-digit display (PCU-100-D).

Basic product features:

  • For measuring, displaying and archiving physical values (level, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). 
  • Universal industrial data logger, optionally with six-digit display (PCU-100-D)
  • One input channel - 4-20 mA current loop, optional with HART® communication protocol (PCU-100 -_- H)
  • Connection to a PC via a micro USB port, UniScada application (downloadable at www.dinel.cz) for setting up the unit and the connected sensor (only versions with HART® communication)
  • Contains a power supply source for a sensor
  • Easily readable backlit LCD display that allows display configuration, including bar graph
  • Large selection of displayed units, including user-defined ones
  • Storage of data with user-defined period onto internal continuously overwritten flash memory with 500,000-record capacity
  • Ability to export data to a microSD card manually or automatically (at intervals or when internal memory is full)
  • Many transfer characteristics: linear, quadratic, radical, square root or user-defined tables with linear approximation or conversion to volume according to specified tank parameters
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Full user-defined relay output (alarm, two-position regulation)
  • Optional extension with communication modules
  • Supply voltage 85-253 V AC

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More information about the product can you found here.

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