1.3.2017 DLS-35, DLM-35 and RFLS-35 for explosive environments

Since March of this year, the capacitive limits of sensors (DLS-35), level meters (DLM-35 and high-frequency level sensors (RFLS-35) have been expanded by spark-safe configurations for environments with an explosion hazard. The high-frequency level sensor RFLS-35Xi is the only unique product of its type on the market in the low-power NAMUR configuration.

According to Directive 94/5/ES, the products have been designated with ATEX certification, which defines the basic requirements for the protection of health and safety on devices intended for use in explosive environments.

DLS-35, DLM-35

Capacitive limit sensors (DLS-35) and level meters (DLM-35) are intended for measuring liquids and loose materials in tanks, containers, sumps or silos. They have been expanded by the Xi configuration which is the basic configuration for explosive environments; the XiM configuration for mining environments with hazards related to methane and coal dust, and XiT, XiMT in the high-temperature configuration.

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The RFLS-35 sensor is designed for limit level sensing of various liquids, mash and paste-like materials. The high-frequency level sensor may be a direct replacement for vibration level sensors or for capacity level sensor in the case of more demanding applications. The media may be electrically conductive or non-conductive with any permittivity. It can be installed in metal or plastic tanks, pipes, filling tanks, sumps, etc. The sensor is comprised of a stainless steel housing AISI 316L at one end terminated by a sensing electrode made from PEEK material, and terminated at the other end by a stainless steel ending with a status indicator, control elements and electrical connection. It is designed for mounting into the walls of tanks or pipes, in which the actual measurement of the level takes place. The sensor works in the high frequency band, enabling reliable detection of the level of media, and eliminating deposits or foam on the electrode. The sensor suppresses the influence of deposits of viscous media (ketchup, yoghurt, pastes, syrups, jams and jellies, creams, soap) as well as electrically conductive adhesive products (detergents, alkalis, chemicals). The parameters on the sensors may be set using a magnetic pen. Status indication on the level meter is provided by status and setting process indicators. Electrical connection is available by means of a cable terminal, terminal with protector (gooseneck) or connector.

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