TFS-35 Thermal flow sensors

The TFS-35 thermal flow sensor is intended for limit flow rate monitoring of liquids and for monitoring their temperature when installed in a pipe. It can be used for both electrically conductive and non-conductive media and may be installed in both metal and plastic pipes. The sensor is made completely from stainless steel, on one end fitted with the sensing element (stem), on the other end a terminal with a LED status indicator, setting elements and the electrical connection.More ...

DLS-35, DLM-35 and RFLS-35

1.3.2017 DLS-35, DLM-35 and RFLS-35 for explosive environments

Since March of this year, the capacitive limits of sensors (DLS-35), level meters (DLM-35 and high-frequency level sensors (RFLS-35) have been expanded by spark-safe configurations for environments with an explosion hazard. The high-frequency level sensor RFLS-35Xi is the only unique product of its type on the market in the low-power NAMUR configuration.According to Directive 94/5/ES, the products have been designated with ATEX certification, which defines the basic requirements ...


Innovated Thru-wall level switches GPLS-25

GPLS-25 is now equipped with high frequency technology, which enables reliable function even in cases with adhering and electrically conductive medium. Setting via magnetic pen and other parameters remained unchanged. The new version is sold since January 1, 2017.


High-frequency level sensors RFLS-35

New series of high-frequency limit level sensors RFLS-35 for limit level sensing of wide-range of fluids, mashed and paste-like materials with elimination of medium rests on the electrode. Unique function for media recognition "Medium window" (sensor is sensitive only to set medium and does not react to substances with a lower or higher permitivity).   For more information  RFLS-35.


Capacitive level sensors CLS-23 are produced in accordance with SIL

Based on inspections by TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. capacitive level sensors CLS-23 meet the requirements of Safety Integrity by a series of standards EN 61508. The sensors are designed for applications detecting the level of the liquid with higher security requirements:Overfill protection mode Dry run protection modeThe sensors meet the requirements in both modes of functional safety SIL 1.



Stainless steel probe HLM-25C with ceramic sensor for continuous level measurement of clean, lightly soiled, or sludge water in non-pressure reservoirs, boreholes, tanks etc.. The health certificate for contact with potable water.


Capacitive level sensors DLS-35 and level meters DLM-35

The new series of capacitive limit level sensors (DLS-35) and level meters (DLM-35) for universal use. Replacement of existing sensors DLS-27, settings by means of magnetic pen. High stability at high sensitivity and resistance against all kinds of interference. Wide choice of different types of electrode systems and electrical connections. For more information DLS-35 and DLM-35.


Ultrasonic level meters ULM-53 and level sensors ULS-53

New series of ultrasonic level meters (ULM-53) and limit level sensors (ULS-53) with expanded application possibilities and design changes compared to the existing series ULM-53. New available version with a range up to 1 m. Variant with a range of 10 meters transformed from a flange to the threaded (screw connection G2 1/4 "). Expanded options of parameterization and electrical connections. For more information ULM-53 and ULS-53.


New level meter CLM-40

For continuous level measurement of diesel or oils in tanks of transport vehicles, building machines, etc. Setting by means of magnetic pen. Electric connection via flexible cable gland or cable gland for protective conduit. Possibility of shortening of the measuring electrode.


Flow control unit FCU-400 with current output

Since October 2014, the evaluation unit FCU-400 is available with current output 0/4 ... 20 mA. Further is also possible the unit extend with splitter HB-485 for connection of up to 4 sensors.