Ultrasonic level sensors ULS-53

For limit non-contact level sensing of various liquid and bulk-solid materials in closed or open tank, vessels, sumps, reservoirs etc.

  • Variants of adjustment by two buttons or by magnetic pen
  • Optical state indication 
  • Xi version for usage in explosive areas
  • Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands or protective conductor
  • Additional horn adapter improve measurement of problematic media (foamy levels, loose materials, etc.)
Ultrasonic level sensors ULS-53
Product variants

Product variants

  Language Filename File type
datalist CZ Datasheet pdf
atest EN ATEX pdf
atest EN ATEX pdf
navod CZ Operating instruction pdf
navod EN Operating instruction pdf
ce CZ Declaration of conformity (ULS-53Xi) pdf
ce EN Declaration of conformity (ULS-53Xi) pdf