Flexi Watch - New Medusa

Surely you must have encountered our level sensor FLD-48 “Medusa”. After 10 years we decided to let the Medusa swim away and now we have designed a completely new thru-wall level sensor FLD-32 “Flexi Watch”.

Even though the mechanical performance is based on the Medusa concept and is a direct substitute for Medusa, with respect to function, it is a completely different product.

What Flexi Watch can do:

  • You can use it for limit sensing of liquid levels in non-conductive tanks (through the non-conductive wall of a vessel or pipeline).
  • The sensor is equipped with a high-frequency technology, enabling reliable function even in case of adhering conductive media.
  • Miniature performance in a flexible housing, optional installation on slightly curving surfaces.
  • Attached using a self-adhesive layer or special fastening bands.
  • Configuration and setup using "programming" cable or magnetic pen.
  • LED status indication.

You can read more about Flexi Watch or go ahead and submit a non-binding inquiry  here.

FLD-32 will be available for ordering during October 2019.

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