The company Dinel, s.r.o. was established in 1995 from a smaller private company that had been manufacturing capacitive sensors since 1991. Today, Dinel, s.r.o. is the leading manufacturer of level and flow measurement systems in the Czech Republic with a stable increase in production volume, strong innovation potential, quality personnel and technological background. Our level gauges, level sensors, flow meters and flow switches are used in many countries around the world in a wide range of industries. Typical applications for these instruments include wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, watercourses, fuel pumping stations, pharmaceuticals, chemical technology, agricultural and food technology, building materials processing and storage equipment, packaging technology, heat and cooling machinery, power generation, heating and boiler automation, transport and construction machinery, engines, turbines, hydraulics, lubrication systems, etc. However, Dinel sensors can also be found in the amenities sector, in building and home automation (septic tanks, wells, rainwater tanks, swimming pools, aquariums), in ecological and water management technologies, etc. By complementing sensors with our stabilized supplies, repeaters, displays and data loggers, reliable measurement and control chains can be created with the possibility of output to higher control levels. Measured data can also be stored and managed very easily on cloud storage and accessed from anywhere on earth.

Thanks to our flexible production and logistics organisation, we are able to deliver a product that meets your exact requirements within a short period of time under favourable conditions. We provide consultancy service and training of service personnel or a help with commissioning. We guarantee the permanent reparability of all our products at any time after the warranty period. The warranty is provided on all products for a period of 3 years.