New product overview 2024

We would like to introduce a new product catalogue 2024, which contains the complete range of our company Dinel, s.r.o.The entire catalogue is available here.


Non-contact radar level meter ARLM-70 "Amanda"

Hot news for the beginning of 2024 is the ARLM-70 "Amanda" non-contact radar level meter. It has a very versatile application and can directly replace ultrasonic level meters at medium and larger distances up to 20 m. It is equipped with Teaching function to suppress false reflections. Displays measured values on matrix OLED or LCD display. It has current output - 4 ... 20 mA with HART® communication. Manual or remote setting. Measurement independent of the temperature and ...



Our thermal flow sensor TFS-35  is newly expanded with a version with a hygienic Tri-Clamp connection, suitable especially for pharmaceutical and food applications.These sensors are intended for installation in pipes,in which the actual flow rate and temperature occursFlow rate measurement is shown in a bar graph by five green LED diodes and in the same graduation it is possible to select the limit for output switching (unswitching)Optical indication of the flow rate and temperature status ...


Radar level meter GRLM-70

GRLM-70 is our flagship guided wave radar level meter, but it has received several innovations and new designs that are definitely worth mentioning.Measuring the interface of two different media and measuring the thickness of the upper media layerAdaptive Teaching to counter false reflections under changing conditionsRadar level meter with guided wave, TDR principleUniversal use, direct mounting into containers, silos, vessels, reservoirs, etc.Broad range of measuring electrodes – rope, rod ...


Pressure sensor PPM-35

This is a universal electronic pressure gauge. It is a compact sensor containing a stainless steel strain gauge sensor and evaluation electronics in an all stainless steel housing. It is designed to measure both gaseous and liquid substances in all industries. A wide range of different process connections, threaded and threadless, are available for both relative and absolute pressure measurements. Versions for higher media temperatures up to 200 °C are also available. A choice of electrical ...


Capacitive level sensors DLM/S-35-52

New rope capacitive level sensors for liquid level measurement.Variant suitable for electrically conductive liquids with a maximum electrode length of up to 10 mAlso suitable for aggressive liquidsInsulated rope electrode, FEP material, insulated weight More information about the new variant and the DLM-35-52 sensor, including datalist and operating instructions, can be found here. More information about the new variant and the DLS-35-52 sensor, including datalist ...


Capacitive level sensors DLM/S-35-25

Rod capacitive level sensors for liquid level measurement.This variant is particularly suitable for high temperature applications in combination with water (hot water, steam)Higher pressure resistance at high temperatures compared to other level gauge variantsIncreased resistance to vapour and gas diffusionAlso suitable for aggressive liquids More information about the new variant and the DLM-35-25 sensor, including datalist and operating instructions, can be found here. More ...


NEW RFLS-28, FG / FN variant

Since this year, we also offer a new version of the RFLS-28 High Frequency Limit Level Sensor. The new version is marked FG / FN and is suitable for direct side mounting in the tank wall.  More information about the new variant and the RFLS-28 sensor, including datalist and operating instructions, can be found here.


Power supply and switching units

This year's novelty in our assortment are also some evaluation and power supply units. Other units that were already in our offer have been upgraded. All details and documentation can be found here. Universal DC stabilized power supply and switching units Resistant to short circuits and current overloading and overvoltages Automatic level regulation function (based on type) Wall mounted case or DIN rail 35 mm mounted LED status optic indication Option to connect ...


NEW Price list 2022

Dear Business Partners, We would like to inform you that from October 1st, 2022, a new price list has been issued, replacing the previous price list from January 1st 2022. For more information or price quotation please contact:  Mgr. Vlasta Zbořilová tel.: +420 577 002 003  e-mail: Thank you Dinel team