Our thermal flow sensor TFS-35  is newly expanded with a version with a hygienic Tri-Clamp connection, suitable especially for pharmaceutical and food applications.

  • These sensors are intended for installation in pipes,in which the actual flow rate and temperature occurs
  • Flow rate measurement is shown in a bar graph by five green LED diodes and in the same graduation it is possible to select the limit for output switching (unswitching)
  • Optical indication of the flow rate and temperature status via two LEDs
  • Can be selected either 1x current output 4..20 mA and 1x limit PNP output, or 2x limit PNP output
  • Settings provided by magnetic pen
  • Stainless steel case
  • Process connection: thread G½“ or Tri-Clamp

    More information about the new variant and the thermal flow sensor TFS-35, can be found here.