Non-contact radar level meter ARLM-70 "Amanda"

Hot news for the beginning of 2024 is the ARLM-70 "Amanda" non-contact radar level meter. It has a very versatile application and can directly replace ultrasonic level meters at medium and larger distances up to 20 m.

  • It is equipped with Teaching function to suppress false reflections.
  • Displays measured values on matrix OLED or LCD display.
  • It has current output - 4 ... 20 mA with HART® communication.
  • Manual or remote setting.
  • Measurement independent of the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere above the surface.
  • Can also measure in aggressive vapours or vacuum.
  • Available for ordering from the beginning of 2024.

More about the new ARLM-70 level meter, including the datalist, can be found here.