Innovated GRLM-70, now also in stainless steel performance

A solid part of our product range is the GRLM-70 series of Radar level meter with guided wave . These are very universal process instruments for measuring liquid and bulk substances up to a depth of 40 m. This year they have seen several changes including an upgrade to their firmware. A certain difficulty in the application of level meter with wave reflection based is that they are set to a given set of conditions when being commissioned, but these change gradually over time, usually ...


Contactless smart measurement for outdoor applications

Another novelty for this year are Ultrasonic level meters ULM-54 for continuous non-contact measurement of water level in outdoor applications (rivers, channels, sumps, …), for other liquid and pasty materials and also bulk solids. You will especially appreciate easy remote (HART®) monitoring and setting of the level meter via Programmable Control Unit PCU-100. Basic features of ULM-54: The possibility of remote parameterization using the HART® communication protocol will ...


New level sensor RFLS-28 for vertical mounting

Another novelty this year, which you will also find in our new product catalog, is the high-frequency limit level sensor for vertical mounting RFLS-28, in two versions - with and without a protective crown. This is advantageous in cases where there is a risk of mechanical damage of the sensing electrode (during transport to the site, installation). It can also help shield and protect the sensing electrode from moving objects inside the tank. However, the design with a crown is only suitable for ...


PCU-100 easy way to the HART

Do you need to communicate with a process sensor equipped with HART communication? The new version of the PCU-100 will make it possible and more. It also offers power supply from its own source, display, real-time clock, recording of measured values, relay output and connection to a computer via USB. All this in an installation box with IP 65 protection.The PCU-100 programmable unit is used for measuring, displaying and archiving of physical values (level, pressure, flow, ...


New Functions of the CTS-41 Touch Sensor

Capacitive touch sensor CTS-41 allows switching over non-conductive materials (wood, glass, ceramics, plasterboard, etc.).You can choose now from two types of control:TOUCH SWITCH - touch to turn on and then touch again to turn it off. TOUCH BUTTON - NEW SENSOR FUNCTION - when zoomed in, the sensor turns on and when zoomed out, it turns on / off. Thanks to this new control option of the sensor CTS-41, the range of use is expanding. More information, including individual designs, ...


New Price list 2020

Dear Business Partners, We would like to inform you that from January 1st, 2020, a new price list has been issued, replacing the previous price list from 2019. For more information or price quotation  please contact:  Mgr. Vlasta Zbořilová tel.: +420 577 002 003  e-mail: Thank you Dinel team


Flexi Watch - New Medusa

Surely you must have encountered our level sensor FLD-48 “Medusa”. After 10 years we decided to let the Medusa swim away and now we have designed a completely new thru-wall level sensor FLD-32 “Flexi Watch”. Even though the mechanical performance is based on the Medusa concept and is a direct substitute for Medusa, with respect to function, it is a completely different product. What Flexi Watch can do: You can use it for limit sensing of liquid levels in ...


3D models for download

We have newly prepared 3D models of our products. You can find these models in the "Downloads" tab on the individual product page or in the menu under "Downloads - 3D models". In time, you will find these models for all of our products. For more or specific models, please contact us on e-mail:, we will gladly prepare and send you the model.


Intelligent Capacitive Level Meter CLM-70 with HART Communication

Built on the same concept platform as level meters ULM-70 and GLRM-70 – aluminum composite head, removable display unit – OLED or LCD, current output 4-20 mA with bidirectional HART protocol, advanced settings and diagnostics.It is made with many types of measuring electrodes (rope, bar, co-axial). Variant 61 is a new type with two fully coated electrodes for measuring of problematic aggressive mediums in non-conductive tanks. Designed for continuous level measuring of liquids and ...


Thermal flow sensor TFS-35

For limit and continuous flow rate sensing of liquids and for monitoring their temperature. These sensors are intended for installation in pipes, in which the actual flow and temperature are monitored. Flow rate measurement is shown in a bar graph by five green LED diodes and in the same graduation, it is possible to select the limit for output switching. Can be selected either 1x current output 4..20 mA and 1x limit PNP output, or 2x limit PNP output. Optical indication of ...