New internet presentation has been commenced

Dear business partners, we would like to inform you about the commencement of new internet pages of our Company. The system has gone through several changes within the area of product display, the general navigation has been improved in order to enable better orientation, and the communication with us is faster by means of simple forms. Our pages will regularly updated and provide new products and also information of various character. We believe that you will like our pages.


Flexible level sensor ''Meduse''

Flexible level sensor FLD-48 "Meduse" is designed for scanning levels of various liquids in non-conductive plastic and glass vessels. Its construction consists of polyurethane housing and it enables the attachment to slightly bent surfaces. The sensor setting is performed by means of a third “programming” wire. The sensor can be attached in the relay electrical circuit or on the control system binary inlet.


Evaluation and switching units

The evaluation and switching units CDSU, SDSU, and DSU are designed to evaluate the states of the limit level sensors and probes. They are produced in a wall-mounted case containing a stabilized power supply (5V DC or 12V DC) and optical indication of the condition by means of LED. Ideal selection of Dinel sensors and probes (eg. FLD-48 Meduse, conductive probes CNP-18 etc.).


Conductive probes CNP-18

Conductive probes CNP-18 are designed for direct detection of conductive liquids level (water, water solutions). The process connection is performed by means of M18x1.5 threaded connection, and electrical by means of firmly connected cable or thread connector. The probes are connected to Dinel evaluation and switching unit, type CDSU-522-W, or other types of evaluation and switching units suitable for connection to the conductive probes, can be used.