NEW RFLS-53 - High frequency level switch

The RFLS-53 uses the principle of high-frequency capacitive measurement. This means that the sensor responds to the mass of the material and ignores deposits and material residues that remain on the measuring part - the active surface of the sensor.

The sensor can therefore be used in demanding applications to indicate powder, dust and hygroscopic materials and can replace mechanical rotary level switches or standard capacitive level switches. The sensor is available in several versions with low (24 V DC) or low supply voltage (230 V AC). With different output types (PNP, relay, SSR) and electrical connections (M 12, valve connectors, cable). The RFLS-53 fully replaces the older CLS-53, but its electrical connection is different for the 230 VAC version (3 wires). 

More information about the RFLS-53 can be found here.

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