Radar level meter GRLM-70

GRLM-70 is our flagship guided wave radar level meter, but it has received several innovations and new designs that are definitely worth mentioning.

  • Measuring the interface of two different media and measuring the thickness of the upper media layer
  • Adaptive Teaching to counter false reflections under changing conditions
  • Radar level meter with guided wave, TDR principle
  • Universal use, direct mounting into containers, silos, vessels, reservoirs, etc.
  • Broad range of measuring electrodes – rope, rod coaxial, coated, uncoated
  • Display module (OLED or LCD) for value reading, manual setting and cloning of the settings
  • Linear measurement in non-conductive and in variously shaped containers
  • Current or data output - 4 ... 20 mA, HART ®, RS-485 Modbus/RTU
  • Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas, or Xt, XtT versions for usage in flammable dust areas
  • Stainless steel design suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • More information about the new variant and the GRLM-70 radar level meters, can be found  here.