Quality Policy

I. Quality policy

The company Dinel, s.r.o. operates on the Czech and international market as a manufacturer and supplier of electronic systems for measuring the level of liquids and bulk materials and the flow of liquids and other components of industrial electronics. We are engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of these devices.

The company has implemented a quality management system (QMS) according to standards ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 and in the field of production of non-explosive devices of the ČSN EN ISO / IEC 80079-34 standard. Implementation and continuation of QMS is necessary for us for the following reasons: - continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of company management at all levels and in all types of activities - increasing the quality of products and services provided by us - legislative necessity with regard to the range of manufactured products

The company undertakes to comply with the legislative requirements of the EU, the Czech Republic and the relevant control bodies.

The company has prepared and maintains all documentation necessary for the implementation of QMS.

In a separate document, the company defines the internal and external aspects, risks and opportunities on which management bases when setting quality goals. These are set for a period of 1 year.

In a separate document, the company defines the stakeholders with whom it has certain ties or with whom it communicates. These are divided into internal and external, according to their importance into main and secondary.

II. Appointment of a management representative for QMS

The company's executive is appointed as the quality management representative.

Duties of the representative:

  1. Coordinate and manage the activities of Dinel, s.r.o. and implement measures according to the set schedule and while improving the QMS and quality system for non-explosive devices 
  2. Communication with the notified bodies (see below) responsible for the assessment and surveillance of the QMS, including its changes 
  3. Approval of all production and technical documentation (drawings, diagrams, procedures including their changes) 
  4. Informing customers about the conditions for safe use of products and any restrictions 
  5. Participate in the necessary training in connection with ISO 9001 standards in order to increase qualifications

Representative rights

Assign tasks related to the maintenance and development of the QMS system to each of the departments and each employee of the company and require their fulfillment

III. Appointment of a representative for communication with the notified body in the field of technical documentation and product design

The representative for this activity is the leading development technician

Declaration by the notified bodies responsible for the surveillance of:

QMS system according to EN ISO 9001: 2009 - CQS EZÚ Prague system according to EN ISO / IEC 80079-34 (ATEX) - FTZÚ Ostrava - Radvanice

In Zlín on 11 January 2018