Phishing Alert

Dear customers,
we would like to inform you about phishing e-mails that some of our customers have received. Scammers are trying to trick you mostly under the pretext of changing the account number or ongoing audit, payment to another account.

How to tell if it's a scam e-mail?

  • The sales department never requests payment to be sent to a bank account other than the one listed on our website.
  • You can check valid bank accounts on our website, on the "Contact" page, paragraph "Bank accounts"
  • Our bank accounts have been valid for several years and in the event of a change, customers would be informed in advance.
  • Also, none of our employees requests a reply to their private e-mail under the pretext of "accelerating communication".
  • We never ask customers to send us a list of outstanding invoices and amounts owed, we know this information.
  • If the customer has some overdue invoices, we will not contact him with an offer of an additional discount for their payment.

What are the defenses against e-mail scams?

  • It is not possible to prevent sending the scam e-mails. Anyone can send you an e-mail impersonating anyone.
  • Before you respond to any email, it is a good idea to think about its content and the consequence of the desired action.
  • Take your time! Read the message carefully and if something doesn't seem right to you, check the authenticity of the message with the sender.
  • Sometimes a careful check of your e-mail is enough. If the sender and recipient of the reply don't match, it probably won't work.
  • If you want to report a suspicious e-mail to us, forward the complete e-mail to