Important events and dates:

1995 –

Company was established.

1997 –

Beginning of the production of the next "flag ship" - capacitive level sensor DLS-27.

2000 –

Our Quality Management System was certified according to ISO 9001 standard.

2001 –

As a first Czech firm we placed on the market a compact ultrasonic level meter with 4 ... 20 mA output.

2002 –

The requirements of directive 94/9/EC for non-explosive equipment were implemented and ATEX certificate was achieved.

2003 –

New variants of ultrasonic level meters ULM and new types of supply and switching units PSU, DSU, LCU, TDU.

2005 –

Removal to new building, installing new technology, introduced new isolating repeater IRU.

2008 –

The world's unique FLD-48 "Medusa" flexible level sensor, CNP liquid limit probes and PDU wall-mounted evaluation units were launched.

2009 –

New ULM-53 series of ultrasonic level meters with push-button setting and function indication.

2010 –

Brand new ultrasonic level meters ULM–70 with OLED display, advanced signal processing and HART communication.

2011 –

miniature capacitive sensors CLS-23, new type of hydrostatic level meters HLM-25S, multifunctional graphic display MGU-800, evaluation unit for conductivity probes CDSU-522.

2013 –

radar level meter with guided wave GRLM-70 "Miranda", electromagnetic flow meter EFM-115.

2014 –

FCU-400 flow control unit, new Basic SCADA software applications, CTS-41 LED lighting switches were presented.

2015 –

Capacitive level sensors DLx-35, capacitive level gauge CLM-40 and submersible hydrostatic level meter with ceramic membrane HLM-25C were listed.

2016 –

New RFLS-35 high frequency level sensors. We have moved to new premises.

2017 –

New hydrostatic level meters HLM-35, thermal flow sensor TFS-35.

2018 –

New evaluation and display unit with data logger PCU-100.

2019 –

new intelligent capacitive level meter with display CLM-70, new flexible level meter FLD-32 with high frequency technology were launched.

2020 –

new high-frequency level switch RFLS-28, ultrasonic level gauges ULM-54 with HART communication, service program UniSCADA.

2021 –

a new high-frequency level sensor for bulk solids RFLS-53 was introduced, the xxU series of power supply units with the possibility of remote setting and diagnostics of limit sensors, the PCU-100 data logger equipped with GSM communication and the possibility of data transfer to the Internet, the dinel.cloud data storage was launched.