Important events and dates:

1995 –

Company was established.

1997 –

Beginning of the production of the very innovative capacitive level sensor DLS-27.

2000 –

Our Quality Management System was certified according to ISO 9001 standard.

2001 –

As a first Czech firm we placed on the market a compact ultrasonic level meter with 4 ... 20 mA output.

2002 –

The requirements of directive 94/9/EC for non-explosive equipment were implemented and ATEX certificate was achieved.

2003 –

New variants of ultrasonic level meters ULM and new types of supply and switching units PSU, DSU, LCU, TDU.

2005 –

Removal to new building, installing new technology, introduced new isolating repeater IRU.

2007 –

New stabilized power supplies SPSU with load bargraph, new version of capacitive level meter CLM–36N–40 for measurement of aggressive liquids.

2008 –

Was launched worldwide unique flexible level sensor FLD-48 “Meduse”, new type of ULM with measuring range up to 20 m, conductive level probes CNP and wall mounted supply and evaluation units.

2009 –

New capacitive level switch CLS–53 for bulky-solid and loose materials, new line of ultrasonic level meters ULM–53 with button control and LED indication.

2010 –

Brand new ultrasonic level meters ULM–70 with matrix OLED display, advanced intelligent signal processing, mapping of false reflections and current output with HART.

2011 –

New capacitive level switch CLS–23 for sensing of various types of liquids, stainless steel submersible hydrostatic level meter HLM–25S, multifunctional display unit MGU–800, switching units CDSU–522 for DIN rail mounting.

2012 –

Submersible level sensor CLS–23S for level detection in wells or boreholes, Capacitive level meter CLM–40 for level measurement of diesel fuel in truck, building machine etc.

2013 –

Radar level meter GRLM-70 "Miranda", new line of ultrasonic level meters ULM-53L with Modbus protocol, electromagnetic flow meter EFM-115.

2014 –

Flow control unit FCU-400, float system FS-4, new software applications Basic SCADA systems, touch sensor for LED lighting switching CTS-41.

2015 –

New capacitive level meters DLM-35 and capacitive level switch DLS-35, inovation of ultrasonic level meter ULM-53 and inovation of capacitive level meter CLM-40, new type of hydrostatic level meter HLM-25C.

2016 –

New High-frequency level sensors RFLS-35, removal to new building.

2017 –

New hydrostatic level meters HLM-35, thermal flow switch TFS-35.

2018 –

New display and recording unit - data logger PCU-100, a new type of the high-frequency level sensor RFLS-35 (TriClamp) and PTFE sensing electrode.

2019 –

We will introduce a new capacitative level meter with settings carried out by CLM-70 display and also a new version of the flexible level sensor FLD with high-frequency technology.