Intelligent Capacitive Level Meter CLM-70 with HART Communication

Built on the same concept platform as level meters ULM-70 and GLRM-70 – aluminum composite head, removable display unit – OLED or LCD, current output 4-20 mA with bidirectional HART protocol, advanced settings and diagnostics.

It is made with many types of measuring electrodes (rope, bar, co-axial). 

Variant 61 is a new type with two fully coated electrodes for measuring of problematic aggressive mediums in non-conductive tanks. 

Designed for continuous level measuring of liquids and bulk solids in all the industry sectors. 

  • A wide range of applications, direct installation in storage silos, sumps, etc. 
  • Immediate view of the measured values on OLED or LCD display units. 
  • Specific performance and electrode length are custom-made. 
  • Copying the configuration between level meters using the display module.

The product will be available for purchase from July 2019.

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