Programmable control unit PCU–100

New programmable control unit PCU–100, for measuring, displaying and archiving physical quantities (level measurement, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). It is possible to connect one sensor with analog output 4-20 mA.

Different types of conversion characteristics can be selected (linear, quadratic, radical, and user-defined) can be selected, and, if necessary, the tank dimensions can be specified for conversion to the volume of the media measured. The unit is also available with in a version without a graphic LCD display, which is replaced by status LEDs. The unit is equipped with a real-time battery backup circuit. Archiving is done at user-defined intervals to internal flash memory with a capacity large enough for more than 500,000 samples. Data can be exported to a microSD card for further processing.

More information available here.

  • PCU-100
  • PCU-100-D
  • PCU-100-L