Wide assortment accessories and other products

  • Set of auxiliary plate electrodes for capacitive sensors DLS-27 and CLS-23, helps level sensing in plastic (or other electrically non-conductive) tanks
  • Steel and stainless steel welding flanges
  • Stainless steel fixing nuts
  • Metal-plate holder for proximity switches CPS
  • Relays and mounting sockets, cable connectors
  • Miniature connectors M12 for DLS, CPS and CLS sensors
  • Miniature connectors M8 for GPLS sensors
  • Distance plastic crown for CPS, use inter-coat space of double coated tanks
  • Atypical seals from PTFE, Al, or other materials
  • Auxiliary plate electrode PDE fo capacitive sensors DLS-27 and CLS-23
  • Cable hange KD-60 for level meters HLM
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